Green Before Green was Cool

Oregon Pride Cabinets makes finely crafted wood cabinets and furniture that are built to last for generations. This precious resource (wood) that our planet offers is abundant and renewable as long as it is respected and maintained. At the foundation of our company is a fundamental appreciation of nature and a desire to work closely with the earth's resources to produce beautiful, natural products as efficiently as possible.

Domestic Wood Use is Green by Nature
It is important to understand that using domestic, locally sourced wood to make solid wood components for the home and office is by far the most ecologically responsible method of creating an object from our earth's resources. The alternative is to use metal, plastic or composites which require large amounts of heat, power and chemicals to create. Using domestic wood materials promotes responsible forestry practices and reduces our carbon footprint by staying close to the source. The vast majority of domestic wood is harvested with the future health of the forest in mind. Oregon Pride Cabinets uses solid wood and composite wood products that contain no added formaldahyde.  Our glues, adhesives and finishes are low v.o.c. and meet or exceeds the stringent CARB standards.  We make every effort to avoid using materials that contain toxic chemicals for the benefit of our employees and our customers.

Green to the Core

As a long time steward of our natural resources, Oregon Pride Cabinets was green before green was more than a color choice.  Our wood “waste” has always been donated to schools or hobbyists for small projects or recycled by a local biomass reprocessor. Our office waste is actively reused on site as packaging materials and, when necessary, recycled.  Ultimately, our goal is a zero waste stream.  This is good for the environment and good business sense because it keeps our costs down which benefits everyone.  You can further this goal by buying locally from Oregon Pride Cabinets which is a win-win for everyone.

Oregon Pride Cabinets provides customers with FSC certified materials upon request.  We also can provide many materials that are not certified but are grown on a sustainable basis.

Oregon Pride Cabinets can also provide customers with products that meet LEED® requirements:


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